Tanja Obst - Experience

As managing director for a large health insurance company, Tanja is responsible for the entire area of health insurance benefits. Her team organizes the contract business and healthcare management in the sectors health insurance and long-term care insurance.

Tanja is an expert in enterprise organisational structure, law and business law (Business Law (Univ.), Diploma in English Law (University of Birmingham)), focusing on health industry. She held several positions: working for lawyers, working for legal resource services and strategic purchasing focusing on european tenders. In her role as consultant for the Vice CEO of a large health insurance company Tanja was involved in the most daily and strategic enterprise business decisions. She monitored the interface of different business units, intern and extern. As department manager, Tanja was responsible for heathcare control.

Tanja lived in England for considerable time, she has international experience.

Key skills

Business unit management: 5 years

Department management: 4 years

CEO consulting: 5 years

Healthcare control: 4 years

Strategic purchasing: 2 years

Contracts and european tenders: 2 years

Lawyer and legal services: 4 years

Degrees and certificates: Assessorin jur., Wirtschaftsjuristin, Diploma in English Law



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